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Barcelona, a city with more than 2.000 years of history, is the most important city connecting Europe and the Mediterranean coast. Barcelona is the economic, cultural and administrative capital of Catalonia, and an important economic pole of Spain and the European Union.

Its privileged location on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in the north-east of Spain, 2 hours from France by road and well connected to the major cities of Europe, makes it one of the favourite destinations for international investment in southern Europe.

Leading a large economic area with a long industrial tradition and a strong entrepreneurial fabric, Barcelona is committed to a knowledge-intensive economy and activities, especially advanced services and new economic activities.

According to the analysis by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Barcelona area is a highly important attraction for foreign investment, especially in industry and advanced services.

Barcelona is a strategic centre to develop business activities. The metropolitan area of Barcelona is one of the major epicentres of European economic activity. Considered the fifth-best European city for business, Barcelona has an exceptional location for key markets such as Europe, Latin America and North Africa.

Barcelona has a very well-developed transportation infrastructure. With the best airport in Europe just 15 minutes from the centre of Barcelona, a seaport in expansion (the leading port in the Mediterranean) and overland connections by rail and the network of international motorways.

Barcelona Airport is the best airport in Europe, according to the International Airport Council.  With a capacity for 55 million passengers, with the potential to expand to 70 million passengers with the future satellite terminal. 

The Port of Barcelona, a natural port of entry for Asian goods (as it makes it possible to save up to 3 days of transport compared to northern Europe ports), is the leading Mediterranean port and 9th in the European ranking of ports in terms of container traffic. Port activity has remained above 50 million tonnes transported and shows the region's import/export capacity.