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Barcelona is renowned for the international prestige of its medical services, which are recognized within the international medical community.

Barcelona healthcare and hospitals, both public and private, are of a very high standard, with many excellent medical centers.

Emergency healthcare services in Barcelona are excellent, and the leading specialists in the city enjoy a world-class reputation.

In Barcelona medical centers and hospitals it is easy to find English-speaking doctors.

In addition, there are many private centers that offer all kinds of private medical services to workers on assignment and to their families at a modest annual cost.

Besides the excellent healthcare services, Barcelona has a great offer of health and beauty services. With good weather, a relaxed lifestyle and a healthy Mediterranean diet, with plenty of olive oil, vegetables and fish, the Spanish have good health and longevity, the average life expectancy for women is 80, and for men is 74, figures that are among the highest in the world.

Spain is a world leader for transplants and organ donation. In 2011 donor rate came to 35.3 per million people. This data places Spain as the country with the highest donation rate in the world.