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Barcelona is one of the most popular cities for overseas property investment and immigration destinations for Chinese people. Its high quality of life, top education offer, much better price per square meter comparing with the other main worldwide capitals and the Golden Visa for investors are the main reasons to explain why Barcelona is one of cities most popular for Chinese buyers.

To buy a property in Barcelona is an investment for all your life. It means that the land never has to be returned to the government, you hand the property down to your sons. 

Get the residence permit in Spain is very simple and much easier than in other foreign countries. Now you can achieve automatic residency in Spain by purchasing property valued at 500,000€ or more. This visa does not require you to live in Spain with a minimum stay period, which benefits you in many ways such as Visa-free travel to the 26 countries of the Schengen zone and the opportunity to set up a business in Barcelona ( in a privileged situation as a gateway to the European market, Latin America and North Africa), not forgetting the chance to enjoy the exceptional quality of life of Barcelona. With the new residency law now there is no need of a minimum stay in Spain to obtain the permit. You just need travel to Spain once within the period of validity of the permit to obtain renewal.

Barcelona Second Home offers an impeccable full service that covers all aspects:the process of selecting a property depending on your needs, organization of home tours to see as many homes as you need until you find your dream home, assistance to get financing from the bank if it is necessary, full legal assistance, acquiring the property, preparation and presentation of the documents to get a residence permit and relocation services.